UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Twenty Twenty Family Vision Center

Here is an update about what is going on with the construction (or lack thereof) of the new clinic, Twenty Twenty Family Vision Center in Racine.

I want to keep my future patients appraised of our progress and also start to get people excited about the unique and fun frames we will be bringing into our store.

So, where are we right now?


Right now there is a lot going on behind the scenes. I am working away steadily at getting credentialed (approved) to accept various insurance companies plans. This way, Twenty Twenty can accept all of these lovely insurance plans.

I have also been meeting with frame vendors to plan and decide which frame styles we will carry. This part is fun, kind of like shopping! Except I hate shopping and find it extremely overwhelming. BUT that's okay because the reps have all been really nice and I have some outside helpers guiding me.

I am actually really excited to show you what we have in store.

Stay tuned, friends.

As for the construction, we had a minor setback with the Village of Sturtevant. We needed to pull permits to begin work. We were told we need to appear before a village planning committee to be approved for said permits. The planning committee meets once a month. And we missed the deadline for November. Try again in December, they said.

So construction is about 5 weeks behind schedule which will put our opening date (fingers crossed) sometime in February.

Here are some photos in the meantime:

Future home of Twenty Twenty Family Vision Center:

We will be the meat to the Subway/Lighthouse Gallery & Gifts sandwich. Delicious.

Future Location of Twenty Twenty

Can you smell that sweet bread baking?? I can't wait to have Subway for lunch on the daily.

Or until I get sick of it.

Here is the inside of the space right now:

As you can see, it is a marvelous place for a 2-year-old to frolic around in.

Not so great for eye exams or buying glasses yet, though. We will get there!

All of this is a work-in-progress (the blog, the website, the business) so we really appreciate any feedback or suggestions YOU may have.

We are looking forward to serving the Racine community real soon :)

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